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Mr. Devitt is the author of The Malone Chronicles: a novel set in 1939 about a young boy who runs away from home. He considers The Malone Chronicles to be a starkly realistic work of story telling but those who have read it insist that it’s a humorous novel. When questioned about this apparent contradiction Mr. Devitt says that he can’t be held to account for reality being funny—any more than he can for it being sad or tragic.

Currently Mr. Devitt is working on another novel called The North Country Fair which is set in the present day.

While The Malone Chronicles is about someone who leaves home; The North Country Fair is about a stranger who arrives in town.

Joseph Campbell, the comparative mythologist, said that someone leaving home and the arrival of the stranger are the only two stories their are. Maybe this is so. If it is, then Mr. Devitt will have written all the stories their are to write.

But Joseph Campbell said something else: that these two stories are really the same—which means there is only one story. Mr. Devitt sure wishes he’d known this before he began his second novel. He could’ve written just the one story and then stopped.

One other thing: Mr. Devitt is getting ready to travel the length of The Lincoln Highway. He hopes to turn the journey into a book which will be a mixture of popular history and an old fashioned traveler’s tale. When people ask him to elaborate on this notion he tells them that it’ll be like Shelby Foote meets Mark Twain. People usually shake their heads bemusedly at this. That’s okay because Mr. Devitt doesn’t pay them no mind, anyhow.

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